#SikapSarap Food Business Ideas: Ube Champorado

Gustong mag-food business pero hindi pa alam kung paano sisimulan? Lahat ng successful na mga negosyo ay nagsimula sa isang simpleng idea. Kami sa Tala, support kami sa inyo at we’ll help you get started sa tulong ng ating #SikapSarap Food Business Ideas series. Alamin ang recipes, gastusin, at ilang tipid at wais tips na makapagbibigay-inspirasyon sa iyong next food business!

Sa blog post na ito, alamin kung paano gumawa ng UBE CHAMPORADO!

Ube Champorado

Serves 6 

Total Time: 45 minutes


½ cup malagkit rice, rinsed

½ cup long-grain rice, rinsed*

5 cups water**

1 cup white chocolate (chips or chopped) 

¼ teaspoon ube flavoring and coloring

2 tablespoons sugar (optional)***

Milk, to serve (optional)***


1. Combine malagkit rice, long-grain rice, and water in a pot. Simmer over low heat until rice is cooked, about 30 minutes.

2. Add white chocolate and stir until melted. Simmer for about 10 more minutes. 

3. Add ube flavoring and sugar and stir. 

4. Transfer to serving bowls and serve. 


*Tipid tip: Mas makakatipid kapag gagamit ng kalahating long-grain rice kaysa puro malagkit na kanin! 

**Wais tip: Magdagdag ng isa pang cup ng tubig (total of 6 cups) kung gustong mas malabnaw ang produkto. Dahil dito, mas maraming bowls din ang pwedeng maihanda. 

***Tipid tip: Kapag white chocolate ang ginamit sa champorado, hindi na kailangan magdagdag pa ng asukal o gatas. 


Malagkit rice – 10

Long-grain rice – 5 

White chocolate – 42

Ube flavoring – 3.5

Sugar – 2

Water – 5

Sub-total: Php 67.5

Utilities – 6.75

Total: Php 74.25 / 6 servings = Php 12.37 per serving

Recipe and food styling by Idge Mendiola

Idge Mendiola works around food and media. After several years in the local and international food publishing world, he is now a self-employed food writer, editor, stylist, recipe developer, and content creator.

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