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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to apply for a Tala loan?

Only an Android phone and one valid ID are needed to apply for a loan. No bank account required. Tala also does not require collateral.

How fast can I get a loan?

We provide most loan decisions in minutes. You choose first the loan amount offer, which can be equal to or less the amount you have been approved for, and the payment period. Follow the instructions for submission of ID requirements for verification. Once your ID is verified, choose where to receive the funds, which you can usually receive within one business day (or even instantly!), based on your preferred cashout option.

Bank Cashout Processing Time:

Within 1 business day – cashouts placed before 10AM

Next business day – cashouts placed after 10AM

Padala Center Cashout Processing time:

Within 1 business day – cashouts placed before 12NN

Next day – cashouts placed after 12NN

After 60 Mins. – cashout via Cebuana Lhuillier

A separate SMS with the Sender’s name and mobile number will be sent to you once your loan is already available for pickup. Please also note that the service charge will be deducted from your loan.

How do I receive funds?

Once your loan and ID requirements have been approved, you can choose to receive the funds from padala centers (Cebuana, Palawan, M Lhuillier & LBC), your own bank account, or the Coins.ph app.

How can I repay?

You can only repay your loan at 7-Eleven, Cebuana, M Lhuillier, or Coins.ph. Remember that you can repay in full or in partial payments.

What happens if I can’t repay on time?

If you do not repay on time, Tala may charge a one-time late fee of 8% of the total amount outstanding as of the date the late fee is charged.

If your balance is left unpaid, you may be endorsed to one of our debt collections partners and they will contact you to make payment arrangements. Failing to settle your balance after multiple notices may affect your credit standing with Tala Philippines and may affect your credit score. Tala reports to the Credit Information Corporation (CIC).

What are the payment terms, and the fees and charges associated with a Tala loan?

Depending on the term* of the loan, Tala charges a one-time service fee of 9-42% of principal (EIR**: 8.98%-21.94%; APR: 168.77%-207.30%).

  • For 21-day loans, the service fee is 11.4% of principal plus applicable taxes (APR: 198%; EIR: 12%)
  • For 30-day loans, the service fee is 15.2% of principal plus applicable taxes (APR: 185%; EIR: 16%)

For example, for a 30-day loan with principal amount of Php 1,000, the service fee would be Php 152, the applicable tax would be Php 8, and the total amount due would be Php 1,160.

If you do not repay on time, Tala may charge a one-time late fee of 8% of the total amount outstanding as of the date the late fee is charged.

*Customers may be given the option to choose repayment terms up to 120 days.

** Effective Interest Rate (EIR): expressed as interest rate per month not inclusive of taxes.

What are Tala’s licenses and registrations in the Philippines?

Tala Financing Philippines Inc.

SEC Registration No.: CS201710582

TIN: 009-614-758

Certificate of Authority No.: 1132

Still need help?

While we don’t have a support phone number, we’re here seven days a week to respond to any other questions, comments, thoughts, or complaints via our email support team!

• For questions or complaints, you can submit a ticket here.

• Already a Tala customer? To talk to a customer care agent through the Tala app, click here.

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Tala is operated by Tala Financing Philippines Inc., a licensed financing company with SEC Registration No. CS201710582 and Certificate of Authority No. 1132.

Always study the terms and conditions and the disclosure statement before proceeding with any loan transaction.