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Pakain Ka Naman: Why Being Selfish During the Season of Giving is Okay!

Like it or not, we Filipinos are a generous kind. As Rudy and Rosiell De Leon, owners of a noble negosyo turned multi-million Peso business put it, “nasa kultura na nating mga Pilipino ang magdiwang o mag-celebrate kapag may na-achieve tayo o magkaroon tayo ng extrang pera.” 

And with our Christmas bonuses making their way to our bank accounts, it’s easy to feel the urge to celebrate by treating our loved ones. But don’t fret, Tala is here to remind you that even during the season of giving – it’s okay to be selfish. 

Think long term

No matter the size, your Christmas bonus or 13th month pay, is hard-earned money. So think about the long hours spent trying to earn that cash. Now imagine how fast you can bite chunks off of it when you keep fighting for the bill. For those who are just starting to build their professional careers, take your 13th month and reward yourself with a mid to long-term investment.

Early on, it’s best to start thinking about your future. Instead of treating others, treat yourself to making your first investment, your first insurance policy, or simply saving a percentage of your bonus for bigger, more fruitful necessities. Because whether it’s starting your own business or building up your child’s college fund, every centavo counts. 

Celebrate in other ways

Now that you’ve made a wise decision to be selfish this season, then it’s time to reach down your bag of creative tricks. In fact, you can still be part of the Christmas festivities without breaking the bank. 

Host an intimate dinner party for your closest friends, send out handmade greeting cards with dedicated messages. Not only will this spare you from the expenses, but will also bring out your sincerity more. 

All said and done, the spirit of giving during the holidays doesn’t always involve reaching for your wallet. The truth is, the greater and more meaningful gifts are the ones that come from the heart. 

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