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Earn PHP 400 off your next loan payment for every successful referral.*

Diamond Status Referral Promo Mechanics

Promo runs from July 1, 2023 to September 30, 2023. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-XXXXXX, Series of 2023.

This promo shall be exclusively offered to Tala customers with diamond status. To qualify for the Promo, the Referrer must download the latest version of the Tala app and make a successful referral to a third party, friend or family member (“Invited User”) by following these steps:

1: Open the Tala app and click the referrals section located at the center of the home screen of the Tala app.

2: Share your unique Invitation Link or Referral Code through any of the following methods in the Tala app: SMS, Email, Facebook Messenger or any other contact method available on a Referrer’s device.

3: Select preferred Invited User/s from your contacts list to send your Invitation Link or Referral Code.

4: Click Send! Your Invited User will receive your unique Referral Code and Invitation Link to download the Tala app from Google Play.

A Tala customer (“Referrer”) will earn a referral bonus of PHP 400 (the “Referral Bonus”) for each successful referral (minimum of PHP 1000 loan) to be applied on the Referrer’s next loan payment. The Promo is open to all Tala customers who signed up with the latest version of the Tala mobile app (“Tala app”). A Tala customer successfully registers with the Tala app by

1. Confirming his or her identity through the one-time password process
2. Setting a password in their Tala app
3. Accepting the privacy permissions through the privacy page Tala app by clicking accept on the privacy notice page.

To earn the Referrals Bonus, the referral must be successful. A successful referral means that the Invited User:

1. Taps the Invitation Link to download and installs the Tala app or uses your Referral Code when signing up.
2. The Invited User confirms his identity through the one-time password process, sets the password in their Tala app and accepts Tala’s privacy permissions through the Tala app.
3. The Invited User successfully completes their first loan transaction of at least PHP 1000 by disbursing and repaying their loan on time. The Invited User must complete their loan application and repay their loan within the Promo Period for the referral bonus to be credited to the Referrer.
4. If the Invited User’s first loan transaction is below PHP 1000, the referral will be deemed successful once the Invited User grows their loan limit to at least PHP 1000, applies for a loan of at least PHP 1000, and disburses and repays such loan on time.

The Referrer will be notified via SMS of a successful referral within 24 hours of the completion of an Invited User’s first loan transaction at least PHP 1000 and shall receive the Referral Bonus through their Tala app within 24 hours (or if the Referrer has a loan outstanding, the amount of the Referral Bonus will be automatically applied to the Referrer’s balance).

The Referrer will not be eligible to receive a Referral Bonus if they are not approved for their next loan and/or if the referral to the Invited User is not successful. The Referral Bonus is non-transferable.
The Referral Bonus will not expire and may be applied to any future loan payment of the Referrer even after the expiration of the Promo Period.

All customer concerns may be addressed by emailing Promo runs from July 1, 2023 to September 31, 2023. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-XXXXXX, Series of 2023.