First in the Philippines! New Tala Loan offers repayment flexibility for as low as ₱5 per day

Offers early repayment options unlocking credit growth and savings. The launch aligns with Tala’s global vision of credit for everyone.

Date November 9, 2022: The smart management of debt is among the main concerns of Filipinos. Many of them have little or no experience with formal credit due to exclusion from formal financial institutions. These are some of the barriers that have led to the Philippines becoming Asia-Pacific (APAC)’s “most stressed” nation in household finance management.

The New Tala Loan addresses these challenges and shows that debt management need not be difficult, with customizable loans that let borrowers only pay for the days they use for as low as ₱5 per day for a P1,000 loan. The transparent daily rate enables customers to compute the amount they need to repay and prevents customers from having to worry about “bill shock”. It also allows borrowers to save more by only paying for the days the need. Unlike other lending platforms, Tala empowers its customers to repay earlier or later than their original repayment date. This gives customers the flexibility to maximize budget allocations and align their repayment date with their income cycles.  

 “The New Tala Loan is an evolution of our micro-loan services made to be even more accessible and flexible for a wider variety of lifestyles. We have made loans more accessible, as customers can now attain peace of mind when doing what they want, making them more productive and happier with their lives,” Tala Country Manager Donald Evangelista said.

Evangelista added that since the Philippines is Tala’s biggest market in Asia, they introduced the New Tala Loan to Filipino consumers first.    

In the past, the lowest fee for a ₱1,000 Tala loan was ₱100 for a minimum period of 20 days. With the New Tala Loan, customers could choose an easy-on-the-pocket repayment option of only ₱5 per day and pay as early as 1 day after securing the loan. The greater flexibility and money-saving benefits are even more apparent for higher loan amounts in this pay-per-use option. For instance, a P15,000 loan will incur a repayment fee as low as P75 if settled after 1 day, unlike waiting for what used to be the earliest schedule of 20 days with a repayment fee of P1,500.  

As always, Tala provides full transparency on the cost of the loan and the loan terms. Customers can borrow confidently with Tala, knowing they will receive the full loan amount and will not be subject to hidden or surprise fees.   

With borrowers having more opportunities to navigate their financial journey, Tala fulfills its global mission of providing financial access and credit growth for credit-invisible consumers here in the Philippines. 

Evangelista described Tala’s foray in the Philippine market further, “We started in the Philippines in 2017. We’re very happy we made this choice and we hope more Filipinos can achieve their dreams with Tala. We’re here for the long haul.”

As the first major evolution of Tala’s trusted digital microloan services, the New Tala Loan leverages the global company’s strengths in proprietary technologies, machine algorithms, and the ability to understand customer needs. Tala will continue to craft tech-powered financial services that enable the underserved to manage their financial lives with confidence, with additional new products coming to market over the next year.  

About Tala 

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