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We Wish You a Wais Christmas: 4 Ways to Save While You Celebrate

Running out of creative ideas on how you can celebrate the upcoming holidays na swak parin sa budget? Laban lang tayo sis with these Tala-certified tipid tips!

Consider pre-loved presents
If you love scouting for pre-loved items online, why not make this year’s monito monita theme with family and officemates pre-loved? Tip: set specific rules to make sure it’s both fun and meaningful (unhygienic used items excluded)! You never know, baka ito na yung chance mo to call dibs on your favorite item from your sister’s closet, or your officemate’s super cute baunan.

Sell your stuff online
On that note, earn extra cash and grow your holiday budget by selling your other pre-loved items online. You’ll be surprised to see how many ukay kings and queens such as yourself are waiting for the new sulit steals on second hand online stores, whether they’re looking for new things for themselves or reasonably priced gifts for their loved ones, too. Plus, this will give you a head start on your annual New Year’s decluttering.

Craft gifts from the kitchen
Leche flan, bottled sauces, yema balls, tin can chocolate cakes — we bet you can make these mouthwatering treats in your kitchen if you tried! Savings ba ‘kamo? Why not DIY and save on money and time because you won’t have to compete with everyone else during the holiday shopping rush? Make a grocery list, stay on budget, at ‘wag kalimutan, food gifts taste best when they’re made with TLC!

Ditch store-bought wrapper
Aside from saving on the small but frequent expenses you have to make for gift wrapper, you’ll help reduce all the post-holiday trash. Tip: how about recycling brown paper bags from your purchases or using old magazines and newspapers, then just add a pop of color using old ribbons and colorful strings. You won’t just be saving money, you’ll also be helping save Mother Earth, too.

Stay in and skip the outing
Do you really want to start the holiday season stuck in traffic? Instead of spending time and effort planning and coordinating out-of-town trips with family, officemates or friends this Christmas, plan a staycation or meaningful activity where you won’t need to go out of town or spend much instead. Cut your holiday spending budget in half (or even less!) by bringing your cousins along to a museum trip around Manila’s museums, or going on a food trip around the metro (or right in your own home). After all, Christmas is really about who you spend it with and what you make of it.

Ready ka na ba? Don’t worry! Kayang-kaya magka-abot-kayang Christmas with Tala!

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