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Anong Uso? Watch Out for These Trendy Business Ideas in 2020!

2020 is here, and now’s the best time to start planning kung ano ang mga business ideas na pwede n’yong pagkakitaan for this year. To help you get started, here are a few business ideas para matupad ang #boss #goals n’yo!

Mga besh, hindi n’yo na kailangan ng malaking lupa para maging farmer. You can establish your own agribusiness by selling the produce yourself, farm-to-table style, from a small piece of land. Not into farming? You can also explore food processing (like small-batch specialty sauces), or run an online business for distribution.

Zero-waste products
We’re steadily becoming woke and learning how to take care of Mother Earth. And we all know na sustainable living shouldn’t stop at eco-bags and metal straws. Because of this, 2020 will continue to see a bigger demand for biodegradable and reusable materials, from basic necessities like product packaging to personal items like bath and body products. Think handmade soap and shampoo bars na may special scents and unique touch!

More customized online content
We’ve seen how vlogging can be transformed from hobby to a full-time job (hello, Youtube!) — 2020 will have a bigger demand for all sorts of fun and informative content na ngayon p’wede nang i-achieve with a smartphone. Expect a bigger demand for content for various marketing and public relations purposes. Plus, formats won’t be limited to videos — think feature content, films, even art! Brands and consumers will continue to look for stories. The best part, hindi mo na kailangan ng sobrang specialized equipment. Creativity and tiyaga lang ang katapat n’yan!

Buy and sell
Perfect time na sumabay sa lahat ng 9.9, 10.10, 11.11, at 12.12 madness. Take advantage of your bargain-hunting skills at mag-buy-and-sell na as online business. Kung wala kang masyadong budget, start with small-ticket quality items. You can also use your ukay skills to start selling well-curated clothes online! With carefully selected ukay pieces (plus konting laba at plantsa) and some photography skillz, ihanda mo na sarili mo sa mga “avail po?” na messages.

Did these business ideas help? Remember though na s’yempre mas masaya if you do what you love! Weigh your budget and your #goals when you lock in on the negosyo idea of your dreams, and 2020 might just be your most bonggang year yet.

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