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Choose up to 61 days

Choose when to repay and adjust it if your plans change. 'Di ka locked in!

Daily service fees give more control

Our flat, daily fee of 0.5% applies only for the days that you use your Tala loan. Simpleng-simple!

Repay early & pay less

When you pay earlier than your selected date, you save more. Walang minimum loan duration or fees!
Take out loans to fit your income schedule and grow with Tala.

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Mag-register sa app and sagutan lamang ang ilang katanungan. No bank account or paperwork required. May sagot agad-agad!

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Congratulations, approved ka na! Piliin ang ‘yong sariling loan terms with flat fees as low as 0.5%, no surprises.

Choose when to repay

Pumili ng hanggang 61 araw para sa takdang petsa ng iyong utang.

Grow with

Cash out and repay sa aming authorized channels. Magbayad on time para triplehin ang ‘yong loan limits sa loob ng ilang buwan!

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• Credit limit amounts: ₱1,000 to ₱15,000
• Service Fee: 0.5% – 30.50%
• Monthly EIR: 15.00%
• Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 182.5%
• Late fee: one-time fee of 5% of outstanding amount due
• Applicable Tax (DST & GRT): N/A

• Maximum repayment period = 61 days
• Minimum repayment period = 61 days

Example fee: For a borrower who receives ₱4,000 from Tala and repays after 61 days, they would need to pay service fees of 30.50% (or ₱ 1,400), for a total payment of ₱ 5,400
• ₱4,000 (borrowed amount) + ₱1,400 (service) = ₱ 5,400 (total payment)

DISCLAIMER: Tala is not a short-term personal loans app. We provide recurring assess to cash access in the form of a revolving personal credit line.