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Loans your way, made even better!

At Tala, we listen to the needs of our customers. That’s why we’ve been working to make our loans more flexible so that you can manage your finances better. Now, with our new loan features, you’re the ultimate boss; you have more options on when to repay, you can monitor and control how much you spend, and you can have peace of mind knowing that you have continuous access and growth opportunities with Tala loans.

Here are the exciting new features we’ve added to enhance your Tala experience:

Flexible repayment options from 1 to 60 days

You can choose to repay on a date that you’re most comfortable with, and you can adjust your repayment depending on your changing needs – you’re not locked in.

Daily service fees which give you more control

Pay only for the days you use a loan

Pay less on fees when you pay earlier; or

Borrow for a longer period and your daily fee will simply continue to apply

We’ve also kept the things that our customers love about Tala, such as:

  • Guaranteed access to your next loan when you repay your current balance on time
  • There are no hidden fees or unwanted surprises
  • Our friendly & helpful customer service; and
  • The opportunity to grow your loan limits

What does ‘not being locked to my selected date” mean?

It means that you have the freedom to schedule when you’d like to repay, up to a max of 60 days, and that you can adjust your actual repayment to an earlier or later date depending on your needs.

For example, if you initially selected to repay on day 30, but you unexpectedly have the capability to pay earlier, you can pay sooner to pay less. Why do you end up paying less? That’s because we only charge service fees for the days that you use a loan! 

However, if you need more than 30 days to repay, you can also pay at a later time. Your daily fee will simply continue to apply until you repay your full balance or until day 60. You’re never locked in to your selected date and the new daily fees allow you to manage exactly how much you spend.

What are the benefits of repaying my loan sooner?

Your service fee is charged daily, so when you repay earlier, you’ll pay less on fees. Not only that! Apart from paying less, there are also additional benefits that you get when you make it a habit to repay early or on schedule:

  1. It helps you practice and build good financial habits
  2. It can help grow your Tala loan limits up to P15,000 over time; and
  3. It helps you strengthen your credit standing which can help you access more services with Tala or other institutions 

Now that you know how the new Tala loans give you more flexibility and control, you can maximize its features to your advantage. Borrow what you need, set a personal target to repay, repay early when you can to pay less, and practice healthy financial habits to lead you on the path to financial growth and success! Tala is here to support you!

You can learn more about our new Tala loan here.

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